The Forty Rules Cards Now Available

FortyRulesPosterThe recently graduated Nasim class of Suluk Academy has produced sets of cards inscribed with Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Iron, Copper, Silver, and Golden Rules. The forty Rules offer an opportunity to consistently remember one’s ideals and to act upon them in daily life. Rather than rigid strictures to be unthinkingly obeyed, the Rules function as a practice of mindfulness that empowers one’s inherent wisdom and compassion — in the language of the rules, one’s  “conscientious self.”

Pick a card, contemplate it over time, and discover the spiritual horizon toward which it leads.

Suhrawardi Gebel, Chancellor of the Knighthood of Purity, has made this endorsement:

“As one of its class projects the Nasim class of Suluk Academy on the West Coast has offered a generous service to the Knighthood of Purity. They have produced a beautiful professionally-realized deck of cards for the Rules. The cards are color coded for each set of rules and decorated with a glorious heart and wings logo. The cards make it easy to carry the current rule with you as a quick reminder. I am grateful to the Nasim class for this lovely and useful service.”

All proceeds from the sale of the cards go to the Suluk Scholarship Fund.  To order a set of 40 Rules cards, go to the new website for the Nasim class and click on the Bazaar tab.