The Passing of an Eminent Sufi Master

Pir_RasheedBismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

With a heavy heart, I must announce the passing of Hazrat Sayyid Muhammad Rasheed-ul-Hasan Jeeli-Kaleemi, popularly known as Pir Rasheed.

May God enfold his soul in Love and Light.

I had the blessing of meeting Pir Rasheed for the first time nearly twenty years ago, when visiting Hyderabad to pay my respects at the tombs of Hazrat Sayyid Muhammad Hasan Jeeli-Kaleemi and Hazrat Sayyid Abu Hashim Madani. Pir Rasheed was the great grandson of Hazrat Sayyid Muhammad Hasan Jeeli-Kaleemi, and son of Hazrat Sayyid Muhammad Fakhr-ul-Hasan, of blessed memory.

From the start, Pir Rasheed showed me the greatest kindness. I recall the extraordinary gentleness that pervaded all of his words and gestures. I recall the dazzling gatherings of sama’, in which Pir Sahib’s ecstasy lifted the assembly to the heights of his ‘ishq, his love of God, wringing gushing streams of tears from all eyes.

Pir Sahib’s name described him perfectly: Rasheed-ul-Hasan, the Beautiful Guide.

On my second visit to Hyderabad, Pir Rasheed graced me with his khilafat. I will never forget the beauty of that sacred moment. In the years that Pir_Rasheed_2followed, Pir Rasheed came several times to Delhi for the Urs of my grandfather. In 2009 he came to America, and we had the honor of hosting him at the Abode of the Message. I saw him for the last time at my grandfather’s Dargah in 2011.

Pir Rasheed recently composed the Introduction to the book Sufi Meditation and Contemplation, edited by his mureed Dr. Siraj-ul-Haqq Scott Kugle. It was Dr. Siraj-ul-Haqq, who is presently in Hyderabad, who conveyed to me today the news of Pir Sahib’s passing.

The Janaza prayer, I am told, will be read tomorrow in Hyderabad.

“Remember, there is neither fear nor regret for the Friends of God.” (Qur’an 10:62)