A Note of Appreciation

I would like to express my appreciation for three esteemed workers for the Sufi Message who are stepping back from their roles at this time. Nirtana Gloria Deckro has for the last three years served as Executive Director of the Sufi Order International, North America. Nirtana has supported the work of the Order with tremendous energy, inspiration and grace.

During this same period, Noorunisa Smallen has been the Abode Administrator, and has served with great dedication and conscientiousness

For nearly as long, Wahhab Sheets has held the role of Secretary General, organizing the esoteric work of the Order and supporting me as my secretary. Wahhab will be retiring at the year’s end. Wahhab has been a great support to me, and a strong and peaceful presence in the international work of the Order.

I am grateful for the service that these friends and collaborators have rendered to our Order and I wish and pray for them the very best in all that is to come. Meanwhile, our work continues, and I am happy to announce that Alia Wittman has entered the Secretariat as Interim Manager. I hope all members and friends of the Order will join me in expressing deep appreciation to Nirtana, Noorunisa, and Wahhab, and a warm welcome to Alia.