Beautiful Sun Through Trees


We live at a time where we are confronted with a great responsibility. None of our predecessors in any period of human history has been so challenged to say “yes” as we have now, driven by the very impulse which brought us into life. We are asked to say “yes” to life in all its manifestations, really become a community, one body, a microcosm of all that exists, excluding nothing, never separating. Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Ziraat is an accommodation for planetary awakening and evolution; it serves the harmony of heaven and earth by bringing us in tune with our natural being and by guiding us towards realization of the sacred interdependence and unity of all life.

The word Ziraat means agriculture and helps us experience our own being in a journey of unfolding towards fruitfulness. It uses the symbols and cycles of cultivation in nature to reveal the stages of unfoldment of our natural and most essential self. These stages include the plowing and harrowing of the ground, representing the purification of the mind, and the cultivation of the heart, the sowing of seeds, symbolizing the infusion of the Divine into life with our unique divine gifts, and the reaping of a joyful harvest, the fulfillment of a life in service to all beings.

The harvest of this work, on an individual level, is the mature spiritual person who has developed a sense of sacredness, and who is rooted and integrated in every dimension of life. This fulfillment is a condition of pure affirmation, an unhesitating embrace of all of life that can only arise from an inner state of peace and sense of the purpose of our life and the wisdom being communicated to us from all of our experiences.

The Ziraat method is the answer “yes” to life’s continuous guidance, urging us to discover the fullness of our interconnectedness and to bring our intelligence and creativity to every aspect of our existence. In this we realize that the universe is working out its evolution within each of us, and that our unfoldment is the very unfoldment of the whole of creation, an evolution toward greater love, harmony and beauty.

Ziraat workshops and retreats are open to all and provide teachings on the link between the inner work of spiritual realization and stewardship and reverence for all sentient beings.