The Zephyr March 2020

The Zephyr

21 March 2020

Dear Companions on the Path,

Peace and love to you. As the coronavirus spreads around the world, our lives are changing in unprecedented ways. Some things, however, will never change.

Seclusion is now the order of the day. Retreat is mandated. This is a chance to give our lives over to contemplation and remembrance. It’s a time to be still and survey the quiet depths of our breath.

Adverse winds will not shake the solidarity of our caravan. We will be with each other through thick and thin. I will look for you on Sundays as we gather for reflection, study, and practice. Meanwhile a diverse cadre of Inayati teachers will offer meditations every day of the week, as this newsletter announces.

Let us be sure to take good care of one another. It is especially important to be mindful of our elders and those with special needs. May no one be forgotten. We are all in this together.

Some things will never change. God is the Light and Life in the lives of all of us, eternally and indivisibly One. Our souls, one and all, will live forever in the Being of Beings, the Vast and Tremendous. The Message brought by the Prophets is the truth. God is our secret, and we are God’s secret.

Yours ever,

Pir Zia

ps — You will find our online schedule for the spring below. It is designed to gather the Inayatiyya together to help us find attunement, rhythm, support, and community during this time of uncertainty.

Resurrection: An Easter Retreat Online w/ Pir Zia Inayat Khan
Livestreamed April 10-12, 2020 – All are invited! 
Register Today!

Ascension - Sufi Teachings w/Pir Zia & Sarida Brown - March 22 OnlineOn Sunday, March 22, from 3-5 pm EDT, Pir Zia will offer a class on Ascension.  

Last Sunday’s class was full! We are in the process of increasing our Zoom capacity so all of us may be part of these weekly gatherings with Pir Zia. Zoom is very busy and we hope to increase our capacity by Sunday. We hope to see you!

See here for details and a Zoom link


The Novel Coronavirus & the Life of the Spirit


Gayan Vadan Nirtan CoverMusic of the Spheres: Gamaka Commentaries, Nirtan

“The Message is a call to those whose hour has come to awake, and a lullaby to those who are meant to sleep.”

The Divine Face is shrouded in 70,000 veils of prismatic light and dappled darkness. Each veil is a cover on the bed of the sleeping soul. To throw off the covers and banish dreams is to meet the Eternal Sun. Read More

See the full commentary on the Inayati Order website.


Inayatiyya Worldwide Online Programs 2020

As we “self-isolate,” we are adding new ways to connect and explore Inayati Sufism together. Please see this link for a comprehensive calendar of Astana Programscurrently from our activities related to Esotericism, Music, Healing, and Kinship. Additional programs and gatherings, as well as Zoom links and other details, will be added as they become known. If you have any questions about our schedule, please always feel free to email Josh, our Front Desk Manager, at

Please visit our 
Astana Programs Calendar to stay up-to-date.