The Zephyr May 2019

The Zephyr

Dear Companions on the Path,

Childhood Home of the Brothers GrimmI hope this finds you very well. I am now back in Richmond following two visits to Europe.

The first visit was to Germany for the annual Easter Retreat in Gersfeld, in the Rhön Valley. Before the retreat began, my kind host Margarethe Hubauer took me to the childhood home of the Brothers Grimm in Steinau, which is now a museum. I am fascinated by the mystical themes in the tales collected and retold by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, and even more fascinated by the elaboration of certain of these themes by Pirzadi-Shahida Noor. The subject of the retreat was “Inner Body, Inner Universe.” It concluded, as always, with a Universal Worship humming with ecstatic melodies.

My second visit was to Holland, to offer the funeral prayers for Murshid Karimbakhsh Witteveen, who passed away in mediation on April 23 at the age of 97. Murshid Karimbakhsh was a rare soul who achieved remarkable accomplishmMurshid Karimbakhsh and Pir Zia - Photo Credit: Berend Rosenbooments in the world while maintaining a deep inner life. Murshid Karimbakhsh’s books opened the eyes of many to Sufism, and his sermons were potent dispensations of wisdom. Murshid Karimbakhsh was, moreover, instrumental in creating the Dargah of Hazrat Inayat Khan as it exists today. An account of his highly influential professional life may be found here. I will always treasure my friendship with Murshid Karimbakhsh, and will never forget the mystical emotion I witnessed in his eyes.

On returning from Holland I was able to take part in the retreat of the Federation of the Sufi Message in Charlottesville, a good-spirited gathering of followers of the Sufi path from various lineages. Pir Shabda and Tamam Kahn, who were there, afterward came to the Astana and we had a lovely suhbat.

Ramadan has now begun. May this month of “hot stones and cleansing rains” bring with it many blessings.

Yours ever,


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Way of the Heart Documentary CoverNew Inayati Multimedia!

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Knightly Notes NotebookKnightly Notes Notebook

Hazrat Inayat Khan has given us a wonderful method by which we can learn and transform ourselves in such a way: The Iron, Copper, Silver and Golden Rules. Rumi, the Persian poet and mystic wrote: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” The 40 principles written down in this notebook help detect and overcome those barriers.

This notebook is part of the final project of the 2011-2013 (Parvana) class of Suluk Academy for Sufi Studies Europe. Proceeds benefit the Suluk Scholarship fund.

Vadan Commentary

Music of the Spheres: Gamaka Commentaries, Vadan

“I am resigned to the past, attentive to the present, and hopeful for the future.”

What is done is done. The universal chain of causation has done its work, steered by destiny. To lament fate is to reject the unfolding disclosure of the Perfect Being implicit in the story of the universe in all of its varying episodes. Wisdom gently urges acquiescence to the perpetual flow of existence. Continued

See the full commentary on the Inayati Order website.


One of Pir-o-Murshid’s closest murids, Nekbakht Sakina Furnéebegan the Nekbakht Foundation to care for Murshid’s archives and to encourage the creation of publications from his teachings. Every quarter the Nekbakht Foundation publishes a newsletter and we are sharing the spring edition with you here. You may find additional information on the Nekbakht Foundation at

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