July 2013

Turkey Ramadan 2013

Somewhere between East, West, heaven and earth lies Turkey. Wherever we have turned here—in Istanbul, in Haci Bektash, in Cappadocia, in Konya—we have found the face of the Friend. As we prepare to leave tomorrow, our hearts are full of thanks for the kindness of our gracious hosts: Dr. Mehmet and Zehra Muge Kasim, Mehmet Soran, Fazal Mai, Hadiye, Nurunnahar, Gozem, Aysen, and Sheikh Celaleddin and Maylee Loras.

The Birthday Celebration of Hazrat Sufi Inayat Khan

You are Cordially Invited to
The Birthday Celebration of Hazrat Sufi Inayat Khan
At Dargah Sharif Hazrat Sufi Inayat Khan
New Delhi, India

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Creating the Person: Revised Edition Now in Print


Now in Print from Omega Publications

The newly revised  gender inclusive version of
Creating the Person; A Practical Guide to the Development of Self

by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Edited by Kore Salvato
Foreword by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

Paper edition $16.95
152 pages

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